Monday, 17 March 2008

Please don't confuse me or associate me with anyone

Further to my post a few days ago, I'd like to clarify that I'm being followed around the Internet by someone claiming affinity and similarity with me. Wherever I go, this person seems to appear within a day or two and make huge postings dominating wherever I've been.

This person seems to like all the attention to be focussed on them, to the exclusion of anyone else around, taking up entire pages of boards/blogs etc.

This person's motives do not feel genuine. They feel fake. They post nothing original until I speak, and then they paraphrase what I have said, or even copy it over to another place and make it look like their own words/feelings.

To confirm, I only post on this blog, on (twice there, I think, at most), and PASParents and PAPA Yahoo Groups. I don't use any other names nor does anyone else speak for me. I am nothing to do with anyone else.

This person may claim a "kinship" with me but it is not reciprocated because frankly they creep me out. They are also using the serious subject of Parental Alienation to gain attention. Disgraceful!


Louise Uccio said...


Who is this person?

If your more comfortable email me privately. @


jonnybsmom said...

I hate to pose this, but could this be your AP?
I would also like to thank you for having the courage to post this blog.....I find myself reading and re reading as needed to get me through the day(s) dealing with my are very brave and I for one am so grateful that you are. You give me the courage to stand by my son even at the hardest to you.

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