Saturday, 9 February 2008

"She doesn't love you because you're like me"

"Mummy doesn't love us anymore."

"Why doesn't she love me?"
"Because you're like me ... because you're on my side ... because you're cleverer than she is ... because she's crazy, she's a nutter ... because you look like me ..."

My stepdad even chimed in once "You look like your dad and it hurts me".

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christina said...

Dear Rowan,
I have left a comment before. I being a victim of a hate that I didn't deserve I understand the pain that rips you from a life deserved. We cant bring back our fantasies of living a normal life. For that matter what is normal anymore? I have a hatred in me that carries throughout my day everyday. I try to understand why? WHy would he do this to me. As much as I try to understand it just makes me more crazy. You are the only other person I know that has gone through such a thing and I wonder if we could help each other. Therapy is good but, I know your pain and your hurt. Irs so intense it takes over your mind and body. its a thought you think on daily it becomes like breakfast lunch and dinner. But honey we have to overcome or they win. Im putting out my email for you.